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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Go Unto All the Lands...

I am not against proselytizing, per se, but when it becomes a judgemental assault on another individual, I believe it has drastically crossed the line.

Many religions, including Christianity, have a violent period in their history when evangelism looked a lot like open warfare, even masacre. Too many innocents were given the choice of repenting and/or dying, and many were not even given a choice. Of course today we are much more civilized, right?

Sadly, the bully apostle is still at work, though somewhat less lethal in most cases.

I am all for the free exchange of ideas. I enjoy discussing religious ideas and reading various authors as part of my meditations. I don't mind when I am challenged by an idea I may not agree with for it gives me a chance to listen to God's wisdom.

As a person who is trying to live an authentic life consistent with my values and morals, I have been on the receiving end of some rather unpleasant judgement and proselytizing. I am at a point in my life where I will not back away from a challenge, nor will I return to the energy-sapping shame that I suffered from during much of my life.

But I more offended now when I see others suffering what some have called "Bible abuse" or I have thought of as "Attack of the Pharasees 2011."

This takes so many forms from physical assault to hell-fire sermons to the perverse interpretation of hating the sin but loving the sinner.

Today I was checking my blood pressure at work. Next to the room with the BP machine is an empty room set aside for personal meditation including an accomodation to the many Muslims who work with us and whose faith requires frequent periods of kneeling prayer.

While I admire those who practice their convictions, I was deeply offended by what I saw as a mean-spirited, intolerant assault on Muslims.

On the floor of the room was a pile of Christian tracts from one of the fundamental churches where I live. To me this was no different than a Shia yelling condemnation in a Catholic church service or someone replacing the cross on an altar with a Star of David.

It was crass, disrespectful and just patently offensive. In other words, a direct assault on someone's faith.

This is not the first time I have found and reported such literature, but the first time I saw it in a place specifically set aside for people to exercise their faith without interruption.

It's not too many steps from there to "convert or die."


Blogger Ashley Stopa said...

Do you still think it's a sin to be gay? If so, read this:

My website is:

10:21 PM  
Anonymous Phil said...

Hi there, couldn't help but make an observation. I find it strange that a Christian finds Christian literature to be offensive and crass.

In fact I find it very odd. As a Christian you know that Jesus is the only way to God and Salvation. This fact cannot be disputed if you claim to be a Christian.

Why is it then that you do not wish to have Muslims saved? All Muslims have the right to be saved through Christ!

If you are not a Christian you will end up in hell. This to is a fact. Otherwise you might as well throw the Bible away.

The Gospel is not about love, not about kindness, understanding or tolerance or the way we live. It is purely about Christ. It is because of Christ and only because of Christ that we recieve and give love, recieve and give kindness. These are the fruit of the Spirit. Christ gives us the ability to bear fruit and not the fruit that gives us Christ.

This great love that Christ gives us, we need to share with other people. We share Christ, by sharing Christ the fruit of the spirit will flow.

I could go on but do not want to be overbearing or righteous rather helpful and guiding.


3:26 AM  
Anonymous Gay Relationships said...

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Blogger STEPcoach said...

IMHO ... those who call themselves "Christians" but spend their time criticizing, condemning, and bad mouthing others (especially other professing Christians), are either false professors or they are badly missing the message Jesus made repeatedly during His time here on Earth. Christians are supposed to be followers of Christ whose only goal is to grow more Christ-like throughout their lives. Wasting their precious time and spiritual energy hating others is so sad. In fact, it may qualify as a sin against the Holy Spirit!

6:23 AM  

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